Hog vs Boehm stirling engine

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Ian S C
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Re: Hog vs Boehm stirling engine

Post by Ian S C » Fri Jul 20, 2012 2:26 am

I'm not into kits myself, but as theres so little to chose between them price wise, pick the one that you like the look of the most, either will look nice on the shelf, and both will work well. The only one I'v actually seen was the HB7-AL2 Boehm motor, its a tiny thing with parallel cylinders, and is sold here by Jcar, an Austrailian electronic hobby company, I had to give them a hand to re assemble it as a demonstrator, the one your looking at is proberbly a similar size. The Hog, I think unless they supply them, it might pay to get spare glass parts, you don't need to buy the gold plated one! Ian S C

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