What we name "converting rate" in engineering?

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What we name "converting rate" in engineering?

Post by AirRooCo » Mon Dec 31, 2012 3:41 pm

I found I used a wrong term in searching apparatus. So I can't find anything.
But It is really out of my background.
Please help me find the right term.

Is the Carnot cycle efficiency means energy the heat source lose is 100% convert to mechanical out put?
In the case that TH is 95 degC and TC is 40 degC, Carnot cycle efficiency is 14.94%.
So efficiency of a perfect engine,what convert 100% energy from heat to work, is 14.94%.

What we name the "converting rate" in engineering ?
If a engine has 5.98% efficiency, 40% "converting rate" ?

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