School asigment, regenerator

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School asigment, regenerator

Postby IRK » Sun Mar 10, 2013 5:32 am

Hi, (I appologise for my bad english and pleace correct me if my spelling / gramar is very wrong)

Me and my fellow students have a school asigment that involves simulation of a regenerator (in matlab)...

Our regenerator is supossed to be withoute a piston, and wiith O2 as "working" fluid...

Insite the regenerator we are going to place a thin Cu - "string"...

We have a sylinder whom we divide into 10 areas with one Cu - string per area...

Our assigment then involves to calculate, Flowrate from hot to cold, and form cold to hot.

In addition we are supposed to calculate the temperature difference (within each area) and how much time (in seconds), the working fluid uses form hot to cold, and from cold to hot within the 10 areas.

Are there anyone who knows where to start...??

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