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magnetic stirling

Posted: Thu Sep 19, 2013 4:20 pm
by fullofhotair ... gears.aspx
The alternator is geared up using a magnetic transmission. Magnetic gears can be high torque. They have higher efficiency than regular gears. They are lubrication free, friction and wear free, since the gears do not touch. They also significantly reduce drive train pulsations.
The reciprocating motion of the power piston is converted to rotary motion using a double rack and pinion with magnetic gears. Zhivko, stated that the problem with using a double rack and pinion for converting linear reciprocating motion to rotary was that gears would be crushed at high rpms. This can’t happen with magnetic gears. He stated, that it lacked sinusoidal motion. With different magnet arrangements, force can be lessoned, stalled or increased at will.
The magnetic transmission can also double as an alternator similar to the one in the video .