I'm considering making a small Stirling electric generator

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I'm considering making a small Stirling electric generator

Post by wirelessguy » Tue Oct 21, 2014 2:37 pm

I've long been intrigued by the potential of Stirling engines and have some cheap project toys here at home. I'm a handy guy but I don't have a machine shop.

Here's my quick question for today:
Over the past year I needed to replace my NG fired furnace and that room it's in gets way hot. (Although a fan isn't required for the BTU output I've got I may need to install one at some point just to cool the room off.) Anyhow, this got me thinking...

Is there any way I could either (a) attach a Stirling generator to capture some of that heat off the boiler or flue in the furnace room or could I (b) place some sort of Stirling generator on top of my metal chimney cap (or replace it all-together) with some sort of Stirling engine that could capture the heat and convert to electricity?

The chimney could be optimal b/c the furnace will run often in the winter and the outside ambient temperature is cold out. 32deg F or below to a flue temp of 100deg F + would be a pretty good difference to work with.

Thoughts anyone???

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