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Re: Heater & Regenerator Design

Post by richjbarnett » Tue Apr 04, 2017 5:07 pm

I have to agree that as its run it has certainly run in some. I think it has run for about 3 hours now.

Tonight i did 2 logged runs. The last of which i managed to get the heater to the highest temperature so far.

The result was 20.53 Watts right at the start of the run.

I think i have wwhat i need for my project now. But i will be looking to pressurise the engine over the coming few months and i'm fairly confident i can get 100 Watts of it.

I have to demonstrate it in May, so im not going to box in the crank case until after then as it looks much better exposed for this. I am getting a barrel heater that will easily heat it a couple hundred degrees that is more than enough to keep it at a steady 200 ish rpm at which it is rock steady and virtually silent.

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