Very clever Siemens style 8 cylinder engine

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Very clever Siemens style 8 cylinder engine

Postby cbstirling2 » Mon Nov 13, 2017 8:01 pm

The cleverness of a Siemens engine is that uses the same bore twice which is more efficient.

In instead of a wobble plate, he uses 8 gears arranged in an octagon.
Jump to 4:48 to see gears.
How does this compare to a wobble plate design?
A four cylinder could be made with just 4 gears.

I think this might be a wobble plate design(?): ... 2108777861

I've seen some engine designs use a roller cam plate. Image I cannot believe that this is without prior art:

Another question, how would this compare to a Ross linkage style but made with 4 cylinders? (Is such a design possible?)

What is the most efficient linkage for a Siemens engine?

I really think the Siemens is the most efficient design.

Power wise: Gamma < beta < alpha < Siemens


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Re: Very clever Siemens style 8 cylinder engine

Postby Ian S C » Tue Nov 14, 2017 1:57 am

The Whispergen has a 4 cylinder engine of this type with their own patented Z drive to the alternator, On talking to Dr Don Clucus(the designer/builder), he reckoned it was the most efficient, and compact design he could come up with.
Ian S C

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