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Hi there

Post by speedless » Fri May 11, 2007 10:38 am

Thanks for the effort to make this forum possible.
I been lurking arround here for a while,build the walking beam
and had it running untill the cylinder-piston combination gave up!
Piston:"chemical-metal" made by "plastic padding"
Brass tube and bicycle spokes for con-rods.
Flywheel bearing:VCR head

Currently im experimenting with a more handy size type,like the
handhold "LTDs" but running on a candle or a methanol-burner.
The designs is a mix of what i learned here and other places on the net
and whatever material aviable.

Displacer cyl.:Tobacco-can with screw-on lid.Ø115x35
Displacer piston:"OASIS".Ø112x20mm
PWR.cyl.:copper tube Ø15/Ø13mm.
PWR.piston:"chemical-metal"mould in tube;Ø13x15
Flywheel:CD with balance weight.(coin)
Crank:brass bar 12x3x35mm
Brass tube and steel rods for bearings.
Brass tube and alu tube for con-rods.
Everything is glued together with "chemical-metal"
Running approx.120 rpm with methanol burner.
http://s280.photobucket.com/albums/kk18 ... CT0002.flv

Displacer cyl.:2 cans.Ø85x43mm
Displacer piston:"OASIS".Ø83x24mm
PWR.cyl.:alu tube Ø16/Ø14mm.
PWR.piston:"chemical-metal" mixed with "anti scuffing paste" ( grease with graphite or molybdenum) moulded in tube;Ø14x15mm
Main bearing:ball bearings Ø5/Ø2
Crank:Brass bar 12x3mmx35
Con-rod bearing:Brass tube and steel-rods
Brass tube and alu tube for con-rods.
Everything is glued together with "chemical-metal"
Running 400+ rpm with methanol burner.
Up to 700 rpm with ice !
http://s280.photobucket.com/albums/kk18 ... CT0035.flv
tuna pics:
http://i280.photobucket.com/albums/kk18 ... CT0040.jpg
http://i280.photobucket.com/albums/kk18 ... CT0037.jpg

Displacer cyl.:3 cans.Ø85x43mm
Displacer piston:"OASIS".Ø83x55mm
PWR.cyl.:alu tube Ø16/Ø14mm.
PWR.piston:"chemical-metal" moulded in tube;Ø14x15mm
Main bearing:ball bearings Ø6/Ø3
Crank:Brass bar 12x3mmx35
Con-rod bearing:ball bearings Ø6/Ø3
Brass tube and alu tube for con-rods.
Everything is glued together with "chemical-metal"
Running 240 rpm with methanol burner.

Brass tube :Ø3/Ø2,2
Steel rod:Ø2mm (bicycle spoke);Ø3:polished(?) axel from a CD-drive.
Displacer piston:"OASIS" .Used for flower arrangments.Very very light and porous,and a very fragile material.
Piston and glue:"chemical-metal" from "PLASTIC PADDING"
Pistons sprayed with "graphit33" from "kontakt-chemie" and polished.
I WILL get back to the "BEAM" sometime,it got to run again!
And i just had to show of to someone that didnt think i was totally ....
The beam is running very good now,thanks to the graphit33!

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