Need some feedback - I'm anti-mechanical!

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Need some feedback - I'm anti-mechanical!

Post by pom » Fri May 16, 2008 8:41 am

Hey All

Seeing as energy prices have gone insane in the UK I've been going green. First step was to make bio-diesel from waste oil which is going great for the cars.

Now I'm moved on to looking at electricity, my next biggest bill.

I'm 110% not mechanically minded and hate anything to do with oil and engines! That said I can follow plans etc.

So I've got some ideas for providing the heat and cooling what I need is either plans or preferably a ready built engine for sale that can produce at least 1kw.

So on to my great ideas for heat and cooling :grin:

Heating can be provided all year round for free using these

these can comerftably generate 50C+ all year round in the UK. so we have free daytime heat.

Cooling. Dig a trench and dump some pipeing and let the earth cool it down can expect 10C or lower

So worst case temperature differential will be 50C- 10C best case will be 100C-10C. Plenty to work with here.

Next how to get this heat and cooling into this mystical engine to create power. Well I'm in the IT trade, one big source of heat is a CPU consider some computer power supplies are 1k now that generates a LOT of heat. Customer coolers like this are used to remove heat from a small concentrated area. Could it be used in reverse for providing heat also to an engine ?

I've googled for an off the shelf 1kw engine and apart from the sunpower which you cant actually purchase there doesnt seem to be anyone manufacturing one.

Big hole in the market or what!

Any help appreciated.



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