Walking beam design advise ?

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Walking beam design advise ?

Post by Agent86 » Sun Jun 08, 2008 10:23 am

Hi all

I'm curious about the walking beam design.

I'm currently gathering my parts for a huge model built from
a 55 gallon drum and perhaps 4 inch piston, then later perhaps out of a larger huger drum. This should be fun.

My flywheel and linkage will be a standard bicycle, but must be hard linked not freewheel type like a 10 speed is.The one speed type bike will be best that can peddle in both directions;and not like a ten speed which peddles in one direction only.

Anyhow my question is about the displacer:
What portion / % of the displacer requires the heat and the cooling ?

Is it better to just heat only the bottom of the displacer ? or should the heat be the bottom half or bottom 1/4 of the entire drum?

Same question for the coolant portion ?

Should the upper whole half be cooled ? or should only the top 1/4 or only the very top be cooled ?

Which is best

Please advise

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