Cardboard walking beam engine kits

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Cardboard walking beam engine kits

Post by Junkie » Fri Sep 30, 2011 1:56 am

If any one is interested, I have a cheap little kit I put together for sale.
It's a cardboard walking beam engine, all of the metal parts are supplied,
you just have to cut out the cardboard parts from a thick corrugated cardboard.
The engine has also been made out of oak by one buyer.

I intended this to be a simple easy way for beginners to build a Stirling engine, I
hope it serves that purpose. No pistons, diaphragm based design.

It's on ebay and can be posted to most of the world. The kit costs £5.99 plus shipping to
wherever you may live. If you'd like to buy one, search on ebay for "Walking beam engine kit".
I'll not link to it as the ebay listings link changes regularly.

Video of it in operation here : ... r_embedded

Image My web site, Stirling engines and AE stuff.

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