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"Hi...We are new here!" First posts here (or anywhere is OK)

Posted: Sat Jan 15, 2011 10:25 am
by boydhouse
This thread is for new people to post "Hi". This is so I know they are here for real!



Re: "Hi" We are new here!

Posted: Sat Jan 15, 2011 1:48 pm
by vile_fly
well, looks like I'm the new guy.
I work as a certified master mechanic with emphasis on diagnostics. Been doing that for about 20yrs, so I've picked up on some engineering and learned how to criticize some so-called engineers. Comes with the experience. I have always thought the stirling engine was an interesting thermodynamic nightmare and a nice opportunity to hone my own engineering skills.

Re: "Hi" We are new here!

Posted: Sat Jan 15, 2011 7:37 pm
by bob
Thank you for letting me join this list. I'm new to Sterlings and finishing my first one.


Re: "Hi" We are new here!

Posted: Mon Jan 17, 2011 8:36 am
by skypupnut
thanks for letting me join

Re: "Hi" We are new here!

Posted: Mon Jan 17, 2011 7:53 pm
by St. Catherine
Hello everyone, I've been a bit of a tinkerer for most of my life, but Stirling Engines, Manson Engines and the like have captured my interest just lately. Already I'm starting to look over stainless steel tubular objects for sale in hardware shops in a completely new way. I'd really love to have a Stirling engine on a bicycle, - ok it might not do much, - but it would still make me smile.

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Posted: Thu Jan 27, 2011 5:49 am
by hermanpwillis
Hi, I am new here. Looking forward to learning lots! Scott

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Posted: Fri Jan 28, 2011 3:53 pm
by SimonD
My name is Simon and I am based in England.
I am currently finishing off my first LTD stirling to my own design. I found this forum whilst searching the net for troubleshooting tips.


Re: "Hi" We are new here!

Posted: Fri Jan 28, 2011 4:27 pm
by Carnot
Registered at last, thanks Webmaster !

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Posted: Wed Feb 02, 2011 9:36 am
by onetoremember

I am based in the uK. my full time job is with an energy company looking at energy services strategy - everything from domestic gas boilers to solar and heat pumps.

In my spare time I run an online book and ebook shop focused on energy. Some of the ebooks are free to download and we have some on Stirling engines

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Posted: Sun Feb 06, 2011 4:16 pm
by D.C.Clark

I'm a retired NASA techie -- machinist, metrologist, technologist. Have a benchtop machine shop at home including a Sherline CNC lathe and milling machine, and a newly acquired Sieg X2.

I've done a couple of Stirlings. Looking forward to doing a couple more.

Best regards,

David Clark in Southern Maryland, USA

Re: "Hi" We are new here!

Posted: Wed Feb 09, 2011 12:52 pm
by Aviator168

I am new. I am in software and interested in stirling engines on boats and planes. Currently building a low temp stirling, and will build an alpha with precision machining tools.


Re: "Hi" We are new here!

Posted: Thu Feb 17, 2011 8:37 am
by DethanB
Hello to you all!!!

I've always been interested in building a stirling engine (and many others) and have never looked into it until recently having found "Home made" versions. I was always under the impression I had to have machinery tools to build one, but now see that I can build one with simple house hold items.

So, I'm here to learn all about the physics, dimensions, and other information needed to build my own machines! I truly look forward to reading the posts, and getting started!

Thanks, and have a great day!
~ David

Re: "Hi" We are new here!

Posted: Fri Feb 25, 2011 5:44 am
by cncboss6
Thanks for letting me join. I finally see what you are doing here as I posted a seperate post. I should learn alot here, and am looking forward to it. Thanks again. I have a full machine shop at home including a cnc Bridgeport series 2 mill and a Monarch 10ee lathe. I am a retired toolmaker-metal working machinist that work in the automotive field for 30 years. I have never worked on These type of projects here, but I have alot of knowledge in the machining of metal and plastics. If I can help anybody, let me know. Thank You, Pat

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Posted: Fri Feb 25, 2011 5:50 am
by cschwartz106
Hi there,

Just finishing off my first Stirling and hoping to get a little advice from some of the guys on here. I'm a Mechanical Design Engineer and work in the Engine and Vehicle test industry so I may be able to offer up some advice as well!

Re: "Hi" We are new here!

Posted: Sun Feb 27, 2011 6:39 pm
by Deepwater
Am an old retired marine engineering consultant with about 10 years living and sailing with Double acting opposed piston, single acting opposed piston 2 stroke direct reversing marine diesels, all manner of steam turbines, boilers, and have actually seen about 3 Pescara free piston diesel engines powering a gas turbine driven ship. G'day. :razz: