Stirling engines -Schoolprojects-

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Stirling engines -Schoolprojects-

Post by Chriske » Sun Apr 07, 2013 4:42 am

Hi there,

These are engines built by my students. This engine is of own design. It's basically the same engine as we built one year ago, only this time we also made a 2-cylinder.
We were very happy the 2 cylinder ran that fast, over 1000 rpm during maidenrun.
Thanks for watching.
To be clear, my students make all parts and my input is assembling and tuning the engine.

@ Longboy,

Before I start a project I 'scan' the internet for ideas just the same as anyone else would and should. The Internet is the largest database EVER. It is very possible I saw the picture you posted in the past, just like many other Stirling engines on the net. To be clear on the matter this Stirling engine is of own design and I'm very proud of it..! I had no plans, drawings or whatever to start with. I'm (literal)an old mechanic with lots of experience in the field of CAD programs. Autodesk Inventor is kind of a second hobby to me, so it's no big deal to come up with drawings to build me this stirling engine fan(and in fact all credits goes to my pupils) The only thing I had to deal with in the past were the spaces in these engines. As I did not understand this engine at all back then, someone explained about it. And I have to thank Dirk and Wim for it. (two members in our local club).
If you want I can send you drawings from all stages this engine went through(on paper) before I came up with this engine before it was what it is now.

So I 'use' people, in the first place my pupils to do all the hard work, second at the very start of my Stirling engine 'adventure' I asked friends about these engines. What I did NOT do is copying plans or drawings telling they are mine. As a matter of fact I dislike people copying things and say it's there own idea.
When I see an idea I start from scratch, try to improve it to make it even simpler to build by my pupils and at the same time put a bit of my soul in it(if possible).

Look here, ... 678f30a009
yes I 'stole' some idea's from the internet, but at the very end these are all of my own drawings and creations, and again my pupils and I are VE-RY proud of all this...! For this giant project the electronic parts : all credits goes to my colleague Hans Peeters and his pupils of course.
Look for the 'GTI Duffel - stirling engine' YouTube account I made, it has the name of our school, not mine. And I always mention my pupils first because they made all this wonderful stuff.

I work very hard every single day to accomplish all this. My wife think I'm a bit nuts because of all that work I'm doing for my pupils and my school. Some of my colleagues are a bit jealous of all these things we show at our open door, but hey, that's what I do : work very hard (together with my pupils)...!

Mijn thuis is waar mijn draaibank staat...

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